IP Information

Not Available:

You are bound to see a lot of Not Availables, when you look through our site. However, what does it mean?

In our case, it generally means that this resource we are querying isn't available, or doesn't exist on your browser. This can be for a variety of reasons. One being that the browser doesn't support it. Another being we just have no info on that paticular query. By no means does this indicate that something isn't present. For example, it may say you have your local address is "Not Available" however, this can be commonly caused by lacking browser support. You still of course, have a local address. Another option is that your mobile phone shows Touch Screen being Not Available. This of course is false, but it states that because your browser doesn't tell us that multi-touch is supported.


GeoLite Database: We utilize Geolite database from maxmind for ASN, Country, and Continent information about your IP. This info can be found under your IPv4, and IPv6 tables. This is now used as a

Team Cymru: We utilize Team Cymru's whois server as a means of providing IP details. These come in the form of Country, Continenet, ASN, and other information. We post these under the IPv4/IPv6 sections of the website. We now use this service as our primary, and Maxmind Geolite database as our secondary. This is due to lacking information, and ending of the project.

Flag Icons: We utilize these lovely CSS Flag icons, for showing your country of origin. A nice quick, and easy to use feature.

Black Box Proxy Block: We utilize this to create your proxy likelihood in conjuction with other services.

Nasty Hosts: We utilize this to create your proxy likelihood in conjuction with other services.

Rethinkdb: We utilize rethinkdb as our NoSQL database storage to limit queries to our providers. This allows us to respnd quicker, and faster than other services.

Google Maps: We use Google's Map APIs to grab a screenshot of your geo location. This request is sent and cached through our servers. This is done to protect your privacy, as well as to increase the responsiveness of our service.

Browscap: We utilize browscap to take infromation about your browsers user agent string, and turn it into meaningful information. This is used in determining your operating system and browser.

JQuery: We use JQuery's library for a multitude of Javascript utilities that help power this website. It gives us a great toolkit for building apps, and quickly implementing them to power this site.

Bootstrap: We use bootstrap for a quick and easy themeing of this website. It allows us to spend more time developing, and less time working on making everything look nice. Well, more like less time making it look worse... Bootstrap does a great out of the box job at making a site look spiffy, and I think most will agree it is friendly and easy on the eyes.


Data Validity:

We utilize data caches on many of our requests, and information that we provide. This is to allow us to provide a faster service for you. This is also done to lower and limit our queries to our third party providers. This is done so that more people can utilize our service with less issues. Currently data caches can last up to 30 days from the initial time of entry. This shouldn't be too long for most information that is provided by our services.

Geo Coordinates are sent to our server to request a map from Google. We pass no personal information to Google during this request. To help further anonymize your request we round to the nearest hundreth. This gives us the vague inaccuracy of about 1.1132 km. You can find more information on this here.

We only store small chunks of information from your request. This namely includes logging for the web request, and caches. No information beyond this is stored on our systems. Caches currently include; Geomaps, VPN likelihood, IP details, and Whois info.